Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Two Christmas Makeup Looks - Day to Night.

Instead of demonstrating one makeup look this year for the 'holiday season' as the Americans call it, I decided to do two - transforming the first look into another. These are both perfect for any occasion over the festive period - the first is more suited to Christmas Day, family dinner or a shopping day. The second being more suited to New Year's Eve or a Christmas party. It is up whoever wears either of these looks though so I recommend thinking outside the box - if you're reading this blog long enough, you will know that I would quite happily wear look number two on Christmas morning ! 

I also filmed a tutorial as always so I'd love if you could also give this a look and subscribe ! 


1. So for the first look, you can begin by applying foundation, concealer, etc. if you would like a more 'polished' look for the special occasion - I really just applied it to my under eye circles and one or two spots after applying eye makeup. 

2. I began the main look, by using Maybelline Fit Me concealer in shade 15 as a primer over my lids and around my eyes. 

3. Then using the Catrice Absolute Nude palette, I applied the first two shades from my lids up to the browbone. Next, I started contouring using the third shade from the centre of my lids outwards - repeating this step also on the crease.

4.  For a change, I used the second shade from the right on my outer corners. It's quite a dull brown and can make your makeup look quite untidy but it appeared quite well with this.

5. After combing and filling in the ends of my brows using a 17 eyebrow pencil, I took the Essence longlasting eye liner pen and used it to line my lids, winging it out as always - you could skip this step for a subtler look. I finished the eye makeup off with the Catrice Glamour Doll waterproof mascara.

6. Finally I took an Essence Good Girl Bad girl purple lipstick in the shade 01 it wasn't me ! and dabbed it over my lips. It created a beautiful colour yet it was still quite subtle. 


1. Finishing off from the first look, we're taking the third shade again but this time we are going to apply it all over our lids and crease.

2. Next we are taking the second shade from the right again and taking it to the centre of our lids outwards. This time we're finishing off with the darkest shade to the right of it, blending it over our outer corners and lower lashline.

3. Finally, we're taking the purple lipstick again and this time we can go as heavy as we like ! 

Thank you so much for reading this post ! If you try either of these looks please do tell me and I'll talk to you soon with more festive content !

Grace x 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Childhood dreaming is a thing of the past

Jumper was my mam's | New Look skirt | Penneys tee underneath | choker from the 90's 

A crisis was almost had this morning when my laptop refused to acknowledge the existence of my memory card which holds everything for about three upcoming posts and a video yet somehow I managed to stay calm which, believe me, is an achievement and a half. Anyway, this all accounts for why this post is up later than I hoped but we may just leave that obstacle behind and be like 'yay for everything going to plan again !

Last night, my friends and I went to the Chinese restaurant for our Christmas party which involved not feeling overdressed for once, too much selfie taking and very loud music ! I managed to sit myself at the very end of the table, quite distant from everyone else, gain an appetite and spill my drink all over my bag, not even thirty seconds after it landed on my table - nothing new with the last section. The last photos above are of what I wore which wasn't anything special really since it was so bloody cold ! It was also too dark outside to take even semi-good photographs so I had to make do with whatever was inside - our house boasts not having a single plain wall which makes finding a blank wall impossible. 

Also, My friend Louise set up a blog which you should seriously check out like now, the link is - equiilou.blogspot.ie/ the photos of her pets and horse are so cute and she also makes beauty videos too which you can watch here ! 

As you can tell from these photos, Christmas is well and truly here. The travelling tinsel is back and this time it began it's journey into school on Friday where it marked it's ground to annoy even more people at the bench - some of which, I have only spoken to twice in my life. Fairy lights are joining it tomorrow to bring in the kris kindle present and by god, the festivities don't stop there. One word. Onion. All will be explained in this week's TY Thursdays post.

The lyrics in the title are from my favourite Christmas song right now 'All Alone On Christmas' - there should be a mention of twenty one cats in that song. Oh, did I mention that I'm finished my Christmas shopping ? 

 "Happy Christmas ya filthy animal", may the festivities be ever in your favour,

Grace x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

TY Thursdays #9 : Community Service !

 Last week there were no classes for Transition Year as we were all off to either workshops, work experience or community service. I thought it was a good idea having them on the same week as Christmas Exams since we don't have any structured exams so instead of being in unsupervised free classes and room changes we were in shops and workshops ! I was doing community service for the week which is basically giving back to the community by helping out in charity shops, walking dogs for the ISPCA or anything really. I helped out in a charity shop for the five days which I personally felt was a bit too long as there was two of us which made the place where there wasn't a lot to do, quite crowded so I regret not choosing the option to do an hour after school over however amount of weeks. 

 As soon as Lauren and I got in on Monday morning there was a mix up with starting times that we had been told so we had to clarify the actual time for the following day which was 10am. We were told just to pick clothes off the ground, etc. and that we could have a two hour lunch break at midday so that was grand for us. We walked around the shop in circles aimlessly for the morning and then after lunch, we spent the afternoon polishing shelves during which I managed not to break anything - Round of applause for my improving coordination and multi-tasking skills, please.

On Tuesday, the women volunteering that day gathered that there wasn't much for us to do around the shop so we first helped a woman with some boxes of stuff she was donating and then we were sent to the shop to get milk so we were just like *we're on an adventure !!!* For the rest of the morning we were toy testing which involved putting batteries in the Christmas toys that sing songs, etc. like a moose or Santa Clause which was so much because I felt like an elf ! The rest of the day involved hiding behind the shop eating an apple cake slice with one of the women working there and sorting out jigsaws which had been accidentally binned and broken toys.

Wednesday was a brilliant as we spent a lot of it chatting to people volunteering - some of them had only left our school a few years ago so the comparisons between Transition Year now and several years back were quite interesting. Thursday was our last day in the shop and I really enjoyed it as I know the girl volunteering and we got to dress the mannequins which was the best thing ever - I just want to style mannequins every day for the rest of my life ! I also drank lots of tea and bought a book that was only fifty cent.

We were bagpacking all day Friday which was really fun as we got to do it with some of our friends who were in workshops all week. It wasn't as daunting as I had expected so I wouldn't be so afraid now of packing again !

All in all, the week was a great experience and I learnt a lot about volunteering but I do think that five consecutive days might be a bit too long in these situations as it wasn't easy for those in charge to find things for us to do over the course of the week.


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Grey and Denim

  Top and choker used to be my mam's | New Look skirt and necklace | Dunnes denim jacket | Penneys bracelets | Tesco boots

These photos were taken on Thursday, my fourth day of community service (I will have a post about my experience up this week !) , when I decided to experiment with my style for the day since it's not every week that I get to wear my own clothes ! I was helping out in a charity shop so I wanted to dress quite casually, even though I was in skirts all week which are generally seen as quite dressy and after being inspired by the outfits worn in my favourite YouTubers' Vlogmasses and also my favourite Instagram accounts, I was quite dead set on wearing this.

The ensemble of grey and denim is quite popular right now since it looks very casual and grey is much less harsh than black yet still monochrome, although it can also come across as slightly plain which is why I added the necklace along with the usual choker and bracelets. The top I'm wearing is actually a V-Neck but it was way too low cut so I had to wear it back to front which might account for why it looks a bit weird on me. I also loved the look of the velvet with the outfit because things always look better in threes so there we have our three textures - wow I'm so clever, no. It's December now and freezing cold which means I'd be ridiculous to just wear this out so I wore my black coat over everything as always, it surprisingly didn't feel uncomfortable over the denim jacket !

And if you were unable to notice for some reason, I went a little overboard with galaxy effect, sorry and all.

Grace x 

Friday, 5 December 2014

The Frost's Tea Party

 In English class, we're entering the NNI Press Pass competition and me being me failed at writing an article two days in after coming to the realisation that it was school related (i.e an effort and chore.) so then I changed to photography and since then, every idea I have had has not gone to plan at all and then I'm a perfectionist so half the photos I take, I end up being like "no. This has been done before. This is similar to half the entries. Too mundane, not eccentric enough. Too eccentric, not mundane enough." I can't win against myself !

So this is my final kind of idea because I took the first load of photos during sunset and then ended up accidentally leaving my beloved several years old lava lamp outside which is now one hundred percent broken and those pictures are suppose to be the more eccentric end of things and then the second lot were taken the next morning (the final one later that day.) when I had more than a few minutes to spare before school so they're the more mundane everyday end of things yet they turned out very beautiful in terms of the detailing of the frost on the strands of grass and the edges of plants - it's almost like makeup or a mask. And then you also have Plum and Truffle who haven't been present on here in like a lifetime so they're just saying hi or more like feed me now because Plum went for the camera and so did Truffle ... That's how much they wanted breakfast.

Christmas is only twenty days away and I keep singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" because I am !

Grace x

Monday, 1 December 2014

DIY Christmas Banner

A very merry December to you !

Considering today was only the first, this month has been fairing out well so far if we ignore the fact I'm run down times ten (I never ever get sick.) and my back feels like it's been stabbed 

 My favourite radio station played my one of my favourite Christmas songs 'Shake Up' (I love Traaain !) at quarter past seven this morning after I texted in about it 

 I heard three Christmas songs on the radio this morning 

❄ I actually got a blogpost I'm proud of up on a Monday

❄ I've drank like three cups of liquorice and cinnamon tea today - t'is the season

Back to the concept of this post, DIY is not my 'forte' or speciality or talent yet I somehow found fun in spending yesterday afternoon making this Christmas banner ! I always enjoy making these kind of banners (namely my name or Halloween ones in the past.) so this year I thought I'd film myself attempting to put together a Christmas one which didn't turn out to be a complete pig's tail !

                                    YOU WILL NEED (Clockwise from bottom left.) 

   A pair of scissors 
 ☆ Twine, String or an alternative such as wool
 ☆ A puncher 
 ☆ Sellotape 
 ☆ Felt tip pens or watercolours  
 ☆ A pencil 
 ☆ A pen

1. First, I looked up the outline of a gift tag and drew the shape largely on a sheet of paper - You could also draw the shape of a pudding, Christmas tree or anything that appeals to you !

2. I then cut this shape out and used it as a template for the thirteen other 'gift tags' that I would be cutting out. I repeated the previous steps for all thirteen until I ended up with fourteen gift tags which would make up the words 'Happy Christmas'.

3. I wrote out a letter on each tag in bubble writing using a black felt tip pen - I filled in every second letter with the black too. 

4. Next, it's time for decorating ! You could leave the background in block colour, but I decided to draw a few little cartoon drawings which I outlined in pen and filled in with coloured felt tip pen. I wanted the banner to stand out so I painted the background with watercolours which resulted in cute pastel shades. 

5. Then I punched a hole out at the top of each tag - like traditional ones and lined them all up beside one another with wool underneath to measure the amount I'd need for each word. 

6. Finally, I strung the wool through each punch hole and stuck sellotape on each end, to secure them to the wall. 

And this is the finished result which is better than I'd anticipated !

Thank you so much as always for reading this post - please tell me in the comments//twitter//instagram//you get the drill - if more diy's are something you would like to see on Dainty Sprinkles in the future.

Happy December !

Grace x

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Tesco jumper and boots | New Look skirt | I have no idea where this hat is from 

I didn't realise until like a day ago that portrait photos re-sized to X-Large actually stay within the borders on Blogspot so I'm trying a new thing here with outfit photos and would appreciate some feedback in the comments ! Anyway, I always mean to do a post on the outfit I'm wearing today yet never get around to it but luckily a light bulb lit up in my head this morning. In terms of details, as always I love love the two block colours in this jumper and since the brown is quite a soft biscuit colour, it looks really well with all the black and doesn't come across as looking too harsh or full on - not that it would matter, if it did. Also - back in August, Aveen gave me a purple hair chalk which had came free with a magazine she bought and since I don't have to worry about it not washing out (it will but just taking precautionary measures !) because of no school this week (yay for community service.) I put it in my bleached strands today and it actually half worked quite well so three cheers for that !

The latter photos were taken using my mam's fancy camera which has quality clearer than crystals so I'm attempting to get the hang of the settings, etc. again in time for the decorations going up, whenever they do, but for the moment, this is the first of the Christmas baking (my only contribution was tasting as we don't need a house burning down less than a month before Christmas.) ! Mam took amazing photos of them later so I'm just here like I am clearly not the expert.

The Late Late Toy Show was on last night and results include the following

☆ Christmas in Ireland has begun 
☆ I'm living on little to no sleep
☆ Ed Sheeran is a Legend with a capital L

I will have Christmas posts coming up except the DIY decorations may have to be put on hold for a while as I never seem to have the time or patience. Before I go, reminder that the #tbloggers chat is on tonight from 8pm. Tonight's host is the lovely Tolly so if you're a teenage blogger with a spare hour, do come along !

I sadly don't have a quote this week that I can post on the Internet. Boo hoo,


Grace x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

TY THURSDAYS #8 : Drama Trip & End of First Modules

The highlight of last week was the trip to the Bord Gáis theatre to see 'One Man and Two Guvnors' on Wednesday as part of the Drama module ! We left after school during one of the darkest afternoons I'd seen in a while but I still enjoy bus journeys where it's gloom, gloom and more gloom outside the window. One pack of Tic Tacs and a dozen failed selfies later and we were in McDonalds where as per usual, I ordered too much which I couldn't finish and ended up just sitting there in the midst of photobombing food photos, like "why does this happen to me every time ?"

We arrived at the theatre with lots of time to settle into our seats before the skiffle band 'The Craze', who performed during every set change, came onstage. The show started at 7.30pm and although it took a while to get into, it ended up being hilarious and the plot twists and amazing improvisation made it ! My favourite part was the kitchen scene, right before the interval when the antics of elderly waiter with an unreliable back caused me to hiccup from laughing so much ! The icing on top was the terrified 'member of the audience' who was sprayed with water and foam and crashed into a door right before the break. There was a lot of conflicting theories over whether this was an actual member of the audience or not but after my friend did a bit of digging and sent me this link, I can tell you that she was in fact an actress who is obviously extremely talented if she can fool the audience into thinking that she is just there watching the show like the rest of us ! The show was brilliant anyway ,I'd really recommend it and the trip in general was amazing too !

Last week also marked the end of our first modules which I was

1. Disappointed about as I enjoyed all three

but also feeling

2. Excited for new modules

There were only eight people in our last Public Speaking module as the rest of the class were either on the GAA trip or playing matches so after spending the first class discussing CV's, our teacher very kindly took our class to a coffee shop where we had to pretend we were at a vital business meeting ! Here, we learned about the many things that can either make or break a business meeting - some obvious, such as basic table manners and eating neatly and others that we'd never thought of, including pacing your food out over the meeting and never finishing it ! I'm going to miss this module as I learned lots in it and the whole speaking in front of the class element has slightly boosted my confidence as daunting as it was !

Later on, we had our last Printmaking module in which I didn't finish cutting out my lino, let alone  get around to printing it on a t shirt but our teacher for the last few classes of the module who also took group photos for us on twenty three phones  (thank you !) told us that we could finish printing another time when there's a class available to do it in so fingers crossed I'll get my print finished then ! I enjoyed this module but I would have enjoyed it even more if we had had the opportunity to do what the current Printmaking are doing which is the mural !