Sunday, 20 April 2014

Pastel Irony

New Look jumper | Penneys skirt | Forever 21 socks | Tesco boots | Choker used to be my mam's

The weather on this Easter Sunday was not as beautiful as yesterday or the previous day ! The sky was a dull mist consistently sweeping rain from left to right - A hood wouldn't even stay up when my family and I went to the seaside ! There we found ourselves eating Pringles in a crowded pub full of holiday makers which is one of our worst nightmares. I of course wore lots of pastel colours today suiting the occasion and I'm just in love with black knee high socks they're so bright for the season and so it my black jumper it reminds me of daisies ! I hope you copped onto the irony.

Yesterday was definitely the warmest day so far this year so I took advantage of the weather and tried to communicate with Plum and Truffle although they weren't very interested ... Truffle has adopted my brother's old go kart as her throne and she just spends her afternoons sitting there shooting anyone who irritates her the "I'm judging you" stare. My dad accidentally dug up where the washing line used to be and within moments, Plum had marked her territory by planting several poos.

On that note I hope you stuff your face with more chocolate than I did,

Grace x

Friday, 18 April 2014


New Look jumper | Penneys skirt | Choker used to be my mam's

A month ago on St. Patrick's Day, A few of my friends had a vibrant green colour running through many strands of their hair. I asked them how they'd done it since some the colour of my friends' hair is dark brown yet the colour still stuck to it a didn't look lumpy or faded. They said they had dampened their hair first and then applied chalk pastel to it so obviously once I got my Easter Holidays I had to give it a go !

I initially tested this on a few strands on Wednesday evening and then yesterday I unicorn-ified the ends of my hair ! I applied the blue first and then went over areas of the blue and other strands with pink and purple. They came out in pastel colours which is what I was aiming for and I felt like a My Little Pony ! Unfortunately the bleach has soaked up the water by the time I got around to the other colours so at the end of the day, The blue was the only colour that hadn't worn off and was still visible.

I'm still so delighted how it turned out and I felt like a fully fledged unicorn - All I need now is an ice cream cone and some sparkly rhinestones ! These photos were taken yesterday, but today the weather was so warm and sunny with blue skies all round. It's giving me more of an excuse to pretend I'm at Coachella by dressing up in summer gear and my bowler hat whilst listening to music which isn't quite live !

Grace x

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Awkward Sprinkles #4 : Slush Puppies, Sunshine & The Reference Bell

Here in Ireland, Temperatures reached seventeen degrees Celsius on Tuesday and any day on the emerald isle where it's not lashing rain or freezing cold is a day where everyone comes out of hibernation and pretends it's thirty degrees on the coast of Spain.

Aveen and I were particularly lucky that the day we'd chosen to film the fourth AwkwardSprinkles would be lovely and we even filmed both videos outside ! In Aveen's video we came to the conclusion that our entire school needed a tissue rather than just one random person and abused the reference bell quite a lot. In my video, We came across as obsessive over The Fault In Our Stars and told the story of the half-dead rat.

Although we didn't bump into anyone from school *hallelujah* whilst in town we just about survived several creepy and awkward experiences. One of which was in a lift. Yes, The same lift in the shopping centre which I personally think is cursed. You can read what happened last time I got into this lift with Aisling here, but this time we were holding the door for a woman who then said she'd take a different lift. Aveen presumed I'd pressed the button for the ground floor and the lift begins moving as normal. The lift stops, The door opens and everything's normal again until we realise that we're on the same floor. The same woman is still standing outside waiting. There are several others still waiting and each of them give us a funny look.
Scarleh' fer us.

You can read Aveen's blogpost here and you can watch our video on her channel here.
If you want to watch our video on my channel click here.

Grace x

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Positivity One

*warning for mild swearing*

Today I'm beginning a new 'series' about positivity. This was originally meant just for my YouTube channel, but due to literally shutting down every time I open my mouth to speak, I find it difficult to explain what I'm saying so I figured it would be a good idea to write blogposts about this topic too and a few of you have told me that you're looking forward to this post. I don't like to use the exact words so I'd say that I am not a very 'happy' person, but since watching MissMeghanMakeup's videos on positivity over Christmas I've became a much more positive person. A lot of people say that positivity can solve mental health problems and in my opinion they don't as it is far more complicated and deep but I do agree that having a positive attitude makes day to day life more bearable and prevents a lot of people from going down a darker path.

The topic for this post is being positive towards and about those around you. My mantra for the past few months has been that if you don't want to criticise yourself and if you wish to have better self esteem, You need to not criticise every move that everyone around you makes. Before I sound hypocritical, I have to point out that there is nobody on this planet who can say they've never gossiped about someone, It's in our human nature to judge those around us. There is nothing wrong with gossiping but there's is a fine line. There's nothing wrong with mild gossip if you're with family or close friends, You aren't unnecessarily criticising someone and it isn't repeated anywhere else. The line is crossed when you gossip out in the open , Gossip is vicious and you just sound like a nasty b*tch - Then it's wrong.

The whole 'mantra' is based on accepting that everyone has flaw, Everyone has positive traits and everyone has negative traits and that it takes good and bad to make a good person. Nobody is a one hundred percent morally 'good' person. If you're religious you might say that nobody is sin free and if you're a Hannah Montana fan you might say that nobody is perfect ! What I mean is, That with anyone - Friend, Family, Acquaintance - It's important to see the good in them before you see the bad in them. I'm the kind of person who prefers to see the good in someone over the bad to a certain point which can either help me see situations in a naive way or a mature way.

I feel that we're currently living in this culture where it's apparently cool to 'hate' everyone. This is quite frustrating to listen to and read on a daily basis because nobody hates everyone. I'm not about to sound all like "LOVE EVERYONE GUYS" because there are some people you just can't stand as a result of not being able to put up with their sh*t any longer. Hate is a strong word and the majority of people we claim to 'hate' we don't even know well enough to be able to form negative opinions on.

We also have this tendency to unnecessarily judge every single word and every single action of those around us. In my mind, Judging is when somebody is in court and the jury is trying to decide whether they're innocent or guilty and if they're bad or good. It's all to do with morality and we should have the moral thinking to know whether someone is good or not, That's a decision we should be able to make ourselves and that's where we get influenced by other people ! It really frustrates me though that you one word or one action can impact what others think of you ten years later. If every bad thing we ever said or did was to account for our entire personality, None of us would have any friends and we wouldn't want to speak for eachother !

People don't always mean what they say and people don't always think before they speak and unfortunately words cannot be taken back and are used against people for god knows how long and all of a sudden you're deemed a bad person. It doesn't hurt to think outside the box when someone says or does something hurtful or unusual. This doesn't mean justifying or making excuses for their actions but you do have to sometimes think "why is this person acting like this" or are they being influenced by trying to fit in" or maybe they're having a bad day and don't even realise that their words or actions may affect someone. If you hear a negative opinion or rumour about someone remember that one - What you're hearing mightn't even be true and two - Does that single word or action really account for their entire personality and does it mean they'll do that again ? It can be difficult to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but even if they turn out to be a horrible cow at least you can say you tried !

We're looking for perfection and it's something we can't find. The seek for perfection isn't just restricted to appearances as we're looking for everyone we know to be have this perfect personality which nobody has. There is bad in everyone and we can't help that ! We have to remember that there is more good than bad in majority of us and again there is unfortunately people who are the opposite but in that case you just keep your distance and pay attention to them !

If you don't make a hobby of judging others then you won't make a habit of judging yourself. Thank you so much for reading this post and you can watch my video if you prefer personality over font by clicking here !

Grace x

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Green to the Tree

Cardigan used to be my mam's | Cardigan worn back to front from years ago | Skull crop top worn underneath from a shop in Shaw's department store | Dunnes knee high socks | Tesco boots

I am finally on my Easter Holidays ! For Dainty Sprinkles, This means a surplus in blogposts and videos plus an AwkwardSprinkles video - Maybe even two ! For me, Easter Holidays mean catching up on all the studying I haven't started and eating twice my body weight in chocolate. 

The furthest I travelled away from my house today was the front garden so my outfit today is just kind of put together. I've been loving khakies and burgundies and those kind of 'fresh' colours lately and I layered this cardigan worn back to front over a skull crop top and yet another cardigan over to stay reasonably warm. The many shades of green in this cardigan fascinates me - There's Khaki, Lime and Forest. I think green can compliment any skin tone especially a cold shade of green which compliments everything from the darkest skin colour to the palest skin colour. It's the perfect colour for spring !

Grace x

Saturday, 5 April 2014

So then I "indicated right" and knocked into six very tall people and a wall

Dunnes dress | New Look jumper | Necklace from somewhere in Amsterdam | Tesco boots | H&M ring

I look ridiculously awkward in these photos as a result of standing with my legs apart - I don't even know why, but I do know that I looked very pink today ! I love how the pink collar on this heart print dress gives every outfit it's worn with a slight preppy vibe. Tights have also recently been replaced with knee high socks after deciding to ignore whether they look awful or not on my legs ! I also kept up the whole "yay lettuce be colourful" (you better understand the pun.) scheme and wore my rainbow owl necklace who is always watching everyone. 

 Also, Nominations for the Company #StyleBloggerAwards are open and it would mean the world to me if you could nominate 'Dainty Sprinkles'  for 'Best Teen Style Blogger'. Thank you so much to the people who've nominated Dainty Sprinkles so far - I really appreciate it ! Click on the link here to nominate your favourite blogs.

Today I went to see Divergent with Aveen and it was brilliant just amazing ! The film ending is apparently different to the book ending which is suppose to be better so I'm definitely going to read all books. It was so amazing and I ship #fourtriss and seeing as its one of the few fictional characters I ship (I usually ship real life people hahaha awkward no.) I ship it like crazy. I also loved the music in the film - It was so upbeat and Ellie Goulding's voice is flawless.
My music practical went reasonably ok on Tuesday except for the fact I went off key several times as a result of being extremely nervous but on the positive side, I got off three and a half classes and for the first time ever I didn't mess up on the clap back. I've no funny awkward stories from this week that I can tell although I never told you's about last Thursday when I decided to become a car driving by the P.E lockers and when myself and my friends got to Area One, I "indicated right" and knocked into six very tall people and the wall. I'm pretty sure I knock into everyone I don't want to knock into on the way down corridors on a daily basis and I walk on the correct side you're suppose to walk on. Lots of laughter yay.

Grace x

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Two Years Since

On this day - April the Second, In 2012, I made this blog 'Dainty Sprinkles'. The content I wrote was completely different to what I wrote about before and I was really excited to begin writing about fashion beauty and of course my rabbits. I've been blogging since I was eleven and a half and on my previous blogs, All eight of my followers were people I knew so as you can guess, When I received my first comment on the 'natural makeup' post I squealed with excitement - Dainty Sprinkles was barely a week old. I didn't participate in blog chats on Twitter back then (did they even exist ?) but hey I've had a Twitter since 2011 before Twitter was cool just saying. I also never considered blogging as being or becoming a hobby or being in anyway beneficial. .

Dainty Sprinkles has came a long way and if you compare my posts from two years ago to now, There is not the slightest comparison ! Blogging has changed me so much but in a positive way - I'm a lot more confident in myself, I don't accidentally wear eyeliner all the way up to my crease anymore and I've a slight bit of an idea of what careers I'd be interested in when I leave school. 

The world of blogging is amazing and there's countless opportunities. I've gotten to know so many people online through blogging and since I don't do much else, Blogging is my hobby and I can't imagine myself ever not blogging, I would definitely be a different person. If you want to begin blogging, Go for it ! Who gives a monkey about what everyone else thinks ! You won't regret it, I promise ! 

The point of this post anyway, Is to thank you all reading this right now ! Whether you've been reading Dainty Sprinkles since two years ago or two days ago, Thank you so much ! I find it crazy that over two hundred people read Dainty Sprinkles and I don't understand why you all enjoy reading my rambles but thank you so much, I am so grateful. It makes blogging even funner knowing that people actually enjoy what you write !

Thank you so much again and I will hopefully be talking to you's over the weekend, 

Grace x

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bubbles, Cat Ears & More Brownies !

Yesterday evening, Six of my friends came over to my house for my birthday ! Because we're dignified respectable human beings we spent the four and half hours drowning my bedroom floor in sticky bubble liquid and screaming down the house. Surprisingly, My parents didn't go deaf although I'd say they weren't too far off. We also ate twice our body weight in food because a 'party' isn't a 'party' until you eat. I've lots of photographs from the evening to put in my new scrapbook and I thought I'd share a few of them with you's !

I had a brilliant evening so if any of my friends are reading this thanks so much for coming and also for the cards and presents, I hope you's had a very good time too ! In almost every card except for Vivien and Aveen's (because they're nice presents peasants.) there was a pun which I won't write about in case someone from school reads this and cops on to what it's about and also because it should be extinct. 

I'll be back on Wednesday with a blogpost because Wednesday marks two years since Dainty Sprinkles was born and we have to mark that ! Also, Apologies for blogposts and videos being a bit all over the place at the moment .... Third Year is very hectic at the moment and my music practical is on Tuesday so fingers crossed I don't mess up on that ! I can always say it's an April Fool,

Grace x

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Birthday Memories

  1. 1.
    the anniversary of the day on which a person was born.
    "his twenty-ninth birthday"

Even though it was ten years ago, I can still remember moments of my fifth birthday as if they are reoccurring right before my eyes. It was a Friday and my clearest memory is lining up beside the bouncy wire fences to practice football dribbling skills in P.E - Something I was and still am awful at. I remember in Junior Infants everyone used to get a little bouncy ball on their birthday and after lunch I got a purple one ! It's still in my bedroom somewhere and it still looks the exact same as the very day I brought it home.

There's a big emphasis on birthdays in my house ! All four birthdays are freakishly close - My dad's in February, My brother's just over a month later, Mine just over two weeks later and then my mam's just over  a week after that. I can remember most of my birthdays because of this. I remember having my first friend over on my fourth birthday and I'm pretty sure we fell about over an etcher-sketcher on the backdoor step (We still share classes !), I remember attempting to ride my new bike down the hall on my sixth birthday - All went terribly wrong no doubt there. I remember listening to my second ever CD - Hannah Montana - on my seventh birthday and I wasn't in school as I had a really bad cold yet I still went to my birthday party that afternoon because primary school logic. I can remember every year up until after my ninth birthday and then I don't remember much at all which is disappointing ! 

Honestly, I had the best birthday yet today ! I received the best presents ever from my family and my mam made me a brownie cake ! In school my friends kept reminding me of how it was my birthday all day and four of my friends suprised me with bubbles - Aveen had brought in a pack of twenty four so guess what we did all day ? Blow bubbles ! Then my friend who doesn't know about my blog oops hid Chyan's bubbles in her locker and her screams for wanting her bubbles back received many stares, Vivien accidentally spilled her's on the floor of 209 and then the unnamed friend threw her's in the bin !  This morning I found out that Jane, Gaby, Aveen, Kate, Alex and a few other bloggers and my friend Chyan had put together a hashtag and collage for me and loads of my blogging friends from #tbloggers chats were tweeting my happy birthday - It was so cool ! Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday and made it special !
Grace x